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Kolej Komuniti Kok Lanas's Profile


Kolej Komuniti Kok Lanas is the government agency that provide education at Certificate level and also short course for SPM / SPMV and local citizens.

Purpose of the Establishment

The main objective of the Kolej Komuniti Kok Lanas is to provide a dynamic education, training and quality to all levels of society to prepare them for employment and enhance socio-economic community in all aspect.

This objective can be achieved through the following methods:

Organize and create an alternative route for SPM graduates and SPM Vocational graduates or equivalent approval. Organising and a lifetime of knowledge in development of knowledge communities.Provide training to improve skills and retraining for the needs of the local workforce.Provide a strategic network for strengthening the socio-economic activities among local customers and other interested parties (stakeholders).Provide facilities and services to the community.

Organization's Function

Provide technical and vocational training to meet the manpower needs in the field of technology for SPM graduates and SPM Vocational graduates to meet the needs of trained manpower of the country.